Birthstone Colors For Each Month

birthstone colors for each month

Birthstone Colors For Each Month

There are birthstones for each month in many different colors. January’s birthstone is the reddish-brown garnet. It is also found in shades of pink, violet, green, yellow, orange, and colorless. The name garnet is derived from the Latin word granatum, which means “fruitful”. This stone is often associated with the deep red seeds of the pomegranate.

August’s birthstone is peridot. This magnesium-rich variety of the mineral olivine has a yellowish undertone. It is found in volcanic regions and is associated with the fierce Hawaiian Goddess of fire, Kahuna. Wearing a peridot will help you clear any negative energy that is holding you back. This stone is said to promote a positive attitude, so it is an ideal birthstone for this month.

The newest birthstone is tanzanite. Its bluish purple hue makes it a popular choice for jewelry. The color of tanzanite varies depending on its angle of viewing. It is important to look at the stone from different angles when choosing a ring or pendant. It’s easy to confuse the color with the personality of the wearer. If you’re unsure, try wearing a piece of tanzanite jewelry.

As for the February birthstone, aquamarine is the most popular blue stone. It is a beryl mineral. There are different saturations and colors of aquamarine. Most people prefer the purest, deepest blue variety. A light-colored stone is more affordable. Aries is the month for diamonds, but you can buy a faceted stone as well. This type of gemstone is known for its anti-depressant properties.