Birthstone Wiki – What Does Your Birthstone Mean?

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If you have ever wondered what your birthstone means, then you have come to the right place. Birthstones are a fascinating collection of gemstones associated with a month or year of your birth. The origins of birthstones can be traced back to the Book of Exodus, when Aaron wore a breastplate inlaid with twelve gemstones, one for each of the twelve tribes of Israel. These gemstones are known as birthstones and are often worn as jewelry, including pendant necklaces.

Garnet is the birthstone for January babies. This stone is known to come in a wide variety of colours, but it is most commonly a deep red color. The word “garnet” comes from the Latin word “granatus,” which means seed. Garnet is also very similar to pomegranate seeds. According to birthstone wiki, garnet protects those born in January from harm. The stone is also said to balance individuals and increase willpower and self-esteem. It is also said to be protective against ocean dangers.

The history of birthstones is surprisingly long. The Romans and Greeks believed that certain gemstones represented specific zodiac signs, and wore them with corresponding breastplate gems. This was a centuries-old tradition. In the Middle Ages, people wore birthstones as charms or to cast spells. Some of the wealthier people wore all twelve stones at once, such as Catherine De’Medici, who wore a belt that included carved-out talismans in her belt. The 20th century saw birthstones laid out in lists and in jewelry.