Charm Women Elegant Copper Wedding Rings Emerald Cut Birthstone Ring Size 6-10

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No. 5 (diameter: 15.7 mm, circumference: 49.6 mm) No. 6 (diameter: 16.5 mm, circumference: 51.8 mm) No. 7 (diameter: 17.3mm, circumference: 54.4mm) No. 8 (diameter: 18.1 mm, circumference: 56.5 mm) No. 9 (diameter: 18.9 mm, circumference: 59.5 mm) No. 10 (diameter: 19.8 mm, circumference: 62.1 mm) No. 11 (diameter: 20mm, circumference: 64.6mm) No. 12 (diameter: 21.4mm, circumference: 67.2mm) Maintenance is as follows: 1. Jewelry is often replaced, the same piece of jewelry should be avoided for a long time,especially in the hot summer,jewel paint is exposed to sweat for a long time,Easy to fade, so it is best to prepare a lot of jewelry that is often replaced. 2. Jewelry is the person most exposed to chemicals. Avoid jewelry and water, perfumes, soaps, hair gels,mothballs, detergent crystals and other chemicals that come into direct contact with jewelry. Do not wear jewelry while sleeping, bathing, swimming or strenuous exercise. The aroma of bathing, chlorine in swimming and salt in seawater can cause some corrosion in jewelry, so all accessories should be removed before bathing or swimming.

  • Brand: Unbranded
  • Style: fashion
  • Theme: Love & Hearts
  • Material: cubic zircon
  • Metal: Copper
  • Main Stone: white sapphire,emerald,amethyst,aquamarine