Frequently Asked Birthstone Questions Answered

birthstone questions

If you are considering purchasing a piece of birthstone jewelry, you may have some questions. Whether you’re looking for information about the birthstone or are looking for a great gift idea, here’s some help! Birthstones have long been associated with various beliefs, including myths and legends. The first reference to birthstones appears in Exodus 28, where instructions were given for special garments for Aaron. One of the garments was a breastplate to be made of twelve different gemstones. This is believed to correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac and, eventually, the calendar months.

There are many gemstones, but blue sapphires are the most valuable and popular. The largest gem-quality blue star sapphire was found in India and is now on display in a world-famous museum. Sapphires are very hard, averaging a Mohs hardness of nine. In fact, ancient Persians believed that the earth was supported by a giant sapphire. A carved piece of sapphire can also be found in a Jewish midrash.

Opals are the original October birthstone. They are associated with love and friendship, but they are also associated with courage. Tourmaline distributes its hues over a large area. As October’s birthstone, opal is a beautiful purple gemstone. Its purple color is also associated with courage and determination. Likewise, amethyst is a popular January birthstone. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your mother or are just curious about the birthstones, there’s a piece of jewelry for everyone on your list.