Kendra Scott – Birthstone of April Necklace

birthstone kendra scott

If you’re looking for a stunning, affordable necklace that celebrates the month of your birth, try Kendra Scott’s collection. Each piece is unique and has a special meaning. The birthstone of April is Mother of Pearl, which is a type of pearl that naturally leans toward a tomato red hue. The stone is often less pearlized and has more orange-based red tones, but can also be pink or milky depending on the density of the stone.

Dichroic glass, pronounced dye-crow-ick, is named for its multicolored reflective properties. When viewed in different light conditions, the stone appears to change colors. Dichroic stones are usually a deep cobalt blue or a yellow-green color. They are created by swirling metallic powder into molten glass. Each stone will have a unique pattern and color. Kendra Scott’s collection will help you find the perfect piece for any occasion or day.

The agate in this collection is a genuine stone. Its natural color is white, but is often dyed orange. In this set, the agate is paired with a lime green glass stone, and is framed by ivory mother of pearl shell. Some agate stones have bumps and swirls, and some are even more translucent than others. Whether you choose to get a necklace in this style, you’ll be sure to find a unique piece that is sure to be admired.