Sapphire Engagement Rings

There are many people that believe that everyone has a soul or a spirit that lives on in some type of dimension once the body has died. The believes vary from culture to culture and from person to person within that culture but there seems to be a common thread that some part of us goes on after death. My beliefs are complicated and have evolved throughout my life time. I believe in some sort of life after death and I believe that parts of our spirits can be reborn and attached to others that come after us.

I know this sounds very strange but my grandmother’s spirit seems to have been reborn in my daughter. The two of them never met, yet my daughter has so many of the same characteristics that it is uncanny. The physical resemblance is remarkable. And there are also many of the same mannerisms. Anyone that knew my grandmother remarks on the similarities when they meet my daughter. It seems only fitting that my daughter should have the sapphire engagement rings that my grandmother left to me.

My grandmother was quite a woman. She came to this country as a young girl. She was very attractive and as a result won the hearts of many different young men. She used to love to tell the story about having four engagement rings at one time. Two of them were sapphire engagement rings and one was a ruby and one was a diamond. She would laugh that of course it was my grandfather that gave her the diamond. She wore that diamond everyday until her death, but she also kept the sapphire engagement rings on a necklace that she wore under her clothing. The sapphire engagement rings are beautiful. One is a lighter very clear stone and the other on is darker. As with most antique jewelry the settings are beautifully crafted and the stones are of high quality. My grandmother had very blue eyes, I am sure that is what prompted her two suitors to buy sapphires.

My daughter has heard many stories about her great grandmother through the years. She has seen photographs of her and agrees that they do look alike. My father would comment on this every time he saw my daughter. He would walk into a room and say that he felt like he was looking at his mother. I hope the genes and the rings will guide my daughter to be as loving and caring as my grandmother was. I think this will happen because of the piece of my grandmother’s spirit that lives within her.